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Engaging your target market with focused, well-written marketing copy that your prospects want to read.

Freelance B2B copywriter and marketing content creator for the mining supply sector.

Are you completely overwhelmed by your marketing to-do list?   You aren’t alone.  The volume of marketing copy needed to create awareness of your product or service, and get the sale done is immense.  You just can’t do it all.

Or maybe you are just not sure what kind of marketing materials you need.  All of this weighs on your mind as you are trying to run a business.  When trade show season arrives, you’re using the same materials as last year, because there was no time to rethink, refresh and update them   That could hurt interest and sales.  And your website, well, you just don’t have time to tackle that project again,  Yet it’s the most important marketing tool for your business.

But, there’s a way to get the marketing materials you need.

Hire a freelance B2B copywriter.  Copywriters write strategic marketing copy designed to speak to your target market.  That’s our job.  We take the load off your shoulders.  You can hand copywriting projects over to me and check items off your to-do list. It’s that simple. Done and done.

Just think for a minute how it would feel to check items off your marketing to-do list. Leaving work on time. Enjoying a weekend. Taking a vacation. Taking a longer vacation.

Whether you are the marketing manager of a large company or a busy advertising agency or mid-size company with a one-person marketing department, I can help you with your marketing efforts .

Don’t lose sales because you haven’t got the time or energy to produce the marketing copy and content your company needs.

The mining industry is undergoing major changes and people within the industry need to know about your product or service. Without effective, well-written marketing content, your business will not reach its potential customers and that’s what is needed for your business to grow. If you just don’t have the time, energy or expertise to create the effective B2B marketing copy and content marketing your company needs, you are likely missing out on potential sales. Sales your competitors are getting.  And that’s not what you want.

I can rewrite copy.

Perhaps, you need a copywriter to look over and rewrite a piece of marketing copy or content that’s just not working or is outdated — copy that is not attracting clients.

I can review that copy from a different perspective and suggest ways to make the old copy shine. No need to throw out marketing copy that just needs a good rewrite. Another item off the to-do list.

So let’s talk.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to create effective marketing copy and content copy that will attract, engage and nurture potential clients along until they purchase your product or service.

Give yourself a break!

Janice is well versed in the principles of writing strategic copy that gets results.
I highly recommend her work.

Steve Slaunwhite

Award-Winning Copywriter and Author, The Everything Guide to Writing

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