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Writing is my passion and my profession.  Quite simply, I love to write.  But I’ve taken an interesting path to get where I am today.

After high school, I attended Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario and became a registered nurse. I moved to Sudbury, Ontario and worked on medical and surgical units until my first child was born. I left the profession then. The shift work wasn’t going to work for my family.

So what to do?    Go to university, that’s what!

My daughter was three months old when I started a commerce degree part-time at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario. But two children later, managing the work load was becoming difficult and I was approaching the third year of the program, which required the five courses to be taken simultaneously.  With  a husband and three children, it just wasn’t possible to continue in the program.

I took a few years off and ran a small home-based business selling children’s books. That’s when I came up with the wild idea that I’d like to write. English had never been my strong suit. What was I thinking?

I took a journalism course at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario and considered entering the program, but instead I returned to Laurentian University and changed my degree to English.  After 19 short years, I graduated in 2002 with an honours B.A. in English,

Twice, I was short-listed for the English department’s annual essay writing contest.

Along the way, I wrote and published short stories, winning several contests. I also wrote a monthly humour column for a local publication for three years. In 2003, I placed second in the 7th Annual Erma Bombeck Writing Competition out of 1,100 entries from 48 states and 21 countries. I was the only non-American to place in this contest to that point.

In 2005, I was the founding news director for the online news service SudburyNewsNow.com –- a pilot project for Osprey Media (now Sun Media).

Given a new technology and a blank canvas, I used my knowledge of the community, my writing skills and imagination to develop a successful website that quickly and accurately delivered local news to the people of Sudbury.

Since then, I have written several successful advertising-driven publications for The Sudbury Star.

In 2007, I wrote 16 Boys and Local Boys, collections of stories about young men from the community, who went to war but never returned. Their names appear on the Memorial Wall in downtown Sudbury, yet few people knew anything about these men and the lives they lived before their deaths.

In 2008, I researched, compiled and wrote about the history of Sudbury for The Sudbury Star’s 100th Anniversary Edition.

Also in 2008 and 2009, I wrote a popular weekly column entitled, One Life. I interviewed the family, friends or colleagues of a deceased person from the community, who was inspirational to the community, a particular organization or their family, and told his or her story.

From October 2012 to May 2013, I was a regular contributor to an online magazine about the Canadian mining supply industry.  My articles appeared in CIM Magazine and Canadian Mining Magazine.

With freelance journalism opportunities disappearing, I’ve turned my writing focus to copywriting. To hone my skills, I’ve have taken courses with some of the best copywriters in Canada, including Steve Slaunwhite and Gordon Graham. I also have a writing coach.

With my educational background in commerce and persuasive writing, it has been a smooth transition to copywriting.

I want to use my copywriting skills to help your business succeed!

Janice is well versed in the principles of writing strategic copy that gets results.
I highly recommend her work.

Steve Slaunwhite

Award-Winning Copywriter and Author, The Everything Guide to Writing

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