Copywriting Services

With a background in business and persuasive writing, I’m a skilled B2B copywriter, who is uniquely positioned to help your business grow.

The trend in marketing is content marketing — effective, high-quality copy that gives potential clients useful and educational information, so they can make an informed purchasing decision, as well as positioning your business as an expert in your field.

Clients want to do business with knowledgeable people.  Make you and your company look professional with well-written marketing copy.

I write strategic B2B marketing copy/content for the mining supply sector to engage and inform potential clients.

Websites / landing pages

A website with great writing engages readers and gives them the information they need to make an informed buying decision. Good website content also increases your site’s SEO rankings.  Now offering website audits. I can review your website and produce a report that shows areas that could work better.

Sales letters / emails

A good sales letter still generates leads. Who doesn’t like getting personal mail?  A series of well-crafted emails reminds potential customers of your expertise and helps inform their buying decision.

Placed articles

Show your expertise and knowledge in your field with an article in a trade magazine or newspaper.  An advertorial in a local paper or trade magazine can say a lot about your business.


Marketing white papers

Potential clients are looking for straightforward information to help them solve a problem.  If you are selling something new, expensive or complex, a marketing white paper, backgrounder, or fact sheet will give them the information they need to make good business decisions along all stages of the sales funnel.

Marketing case studies

A satisfied customer’s experience with your business will influence the purchasing decisions of other customers. A marketing case study or success story will add credibility to your company or organization, and influence potential buyers’ decisions.

Presentations and trade show pitches

Not all business communication is written. A well-crafted speech or presentation will attract new business. Be prepared at your next trade show and persuade attendees to buy your product or service.

“Janice is well versed in the principles of writing strategic copy that gets results.
I highly recommend her work.”

Steve Slaunwhite

Award-Winning Copywriter and Author, The Everything Guide to Writing

Need some effective copywriting to boost sales?